EMC-Shielding Service

EMC-Shielding Service

EMC Shielding for all frequencies

Our dedicated in-house proprietary screening method makes it possible to be metallized almost every material and thus make the carrier object insensitive to electromagnetic interference.

By a mechanical processing is an up to 120μ thickness closed metal (Zn, Al) layer applied to the carrier material.

Whether in high - or low frequency region is shielded, both can be achieved by this new technology.

Compared to other shield piercing pitch are used in this method, no chemical binders that Uu has an adverse reaction to the episode, thus destroying the shielding effect.

By means of the so-called. Arc spraying process takes place an impossible heterogeneous mechanical connection of the carrier object with the metal (99.99% purity).

Even an increased Intentional manual mechanical action does not destroy the Pharadeischen cage and thus the shielding effect (EMC).


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