Electronic housing 135.00.0

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Electronics housing for printed circuit boards - Description


His 118 grams make this plastic housing so massive than no other in its class

Pass Accuacy:

This electronics housing is provided with additional support stabilizers, which lead to a high fitting accuracy


The proven tongue and groove system makes this electronic housing resistant to water, dust and humidity


In the upper splits are brass threaded inserts ar both for mounting PCBs as well as for housing screw. Thus, the plastic housing can be opended and closed as often without any noticeable wears occurs


In the lower part brass threaded inserts are used for mounting PCBs and introduced counterbores for screws to DIN 7985.
Our platinum recordings are individually adjustable to your boards.
Due to the design of our tools, the platinum recordings can customize customized.

Services and treatments:

  •      CNC machining & "engravings"
  •      Print "Multi"
  •      coating
  •      EMC shielding for plastic housing
  •      Platinenaufnahmeumarbeitung



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Shielded Plastic Housing EMC 135.00.0 Shielded Plastic Housing EMC 135.00.0
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